Homecoming – October 1, 2023 Announcements…

Weekly Worship Schedule:

Monday – Friday  6pm Online Evening Prayer. (link at www.calvarydc.net)
Wednesday Noon Bible Study(link at www.calvarydc.net)
9am Morning Prayer (link at www.calvarydc.net)
10am In-Person Holy Eucharist

The Buildings and Grounds Committee will meet, Saturday October 7th at 10am, in the Parish Hall. All Committee members are asked to attend. Any parishioners who are interested are invited to attend as well.

For anyone who would like to put flowers on the altar in memory of loved ones, to congratulate graduates, acknowledge birthdays or other occasions. Please contact Eleanor Hill at 202-547-5780 with the date you are interested in.

The Union of Black Episcopalians is Accepting Membership Applications. Annual dues are $50, for those 60 and under, and $35 for retirees and those over 60. Checks can be made out to “Crummell-Cooper Chapter, UBE” and mailed to William H. Byrd, Treasurer, 5711 16th St NW, Washington, DC, 20011. Applications are available on the vergers table at the rear of the Church.

The Rev. Gayle Fisher-Stewart has resumed leading Wednesday online Bible study, at noon. We are studying the apocryphal books, beginning with Tobit.

Calvary’s Choirs have resumed rehearsals, before services at 9:15am, in the parish hall. All members are invited to attend, no knowledge of reading music is required:
1st Sunday-Contemporary Choir
2nd Sunday-Parish Choir
3rd Sunday-Men’s Choir
4th Sunday-Parish Choir
5th Sunday-Combined Choirs

Calvary’s Vestry

Ken Davis (Senior Warden, ‘23)
Dianne Slaughter (Junior Warden, ‘23)
Phyllis Harris (Christian Education, ’23)
C. Michael Livingston (Finance ’24, Legal ’24, Personnel ’23)
Monai Lowe (Evangelism, ’25)
Edna Martin (Worship and Music, ’24)
Michael Sherman (Stewardship, ’24)
Gwen Turner (Communications, ’23)
DeVonde Wiggins (Pastoral Care, ’23)

Calvary’s Choirs have resumed rehearsals, before services at 9:15am, in the Parish Hall.  All members are invited to attend:

1st  Sunday – Contemporary Choir
2nd Sunday – Parish Choir
3rd Sunday – Men’s Choir
4th Sunday – Parish Choir
5th Sunday – Combined Choirs

The Now and Forever Windows at Washington National Cathedral

The Cathedral’s Now and Forever Windows were officially installed and consecrated
on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023. They can be viewed, in person, any weekday.
The windows were commissioned to replace the shameful windows honoring
Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Those windows were ultimately removed in 2017, in response to tireless pressure from The Revs. Robert Hunter and Vince Harris, and ongoing lobbying from the Union of Black Episcopalians in this Diocese.

The windows were designed by noted Black artist Kerry James Marshall and are
intended to capture the resilience, faith and endurance of African Americans and
our nation’s struggle with the original sins of racism and slavery.

The following poem “American Song, was written by Dr. Elizabeth Alexander, and will be inscribed in stone beneath the windows:
Imperfect in struggle, contested more than one voice at a time. Onward, multi- American song, American psalm
A single voice raised, then another. We must tell the truth about our history.
How did we get her and where do we go?
Walk toward freedom. Work toward freedom. Believe in beloved community.
We are not yet close enough to heaven.
Aspire to song. Aspire to the lift of voices raised to make a mighty noise.
What are the luminous words.
Courage, evolve, freedom, community, truth, trust, love, peace, yes, why, agape.
American song, American prayer.
All of our voices combined into song. Sing sacred words, true and just.
May this portal be where the light comes in.


Calvary 20's and 30's

Discipleship discussion group and Bible Study for young adults, every Wednesday evening at 7PM

Interested young adults should contact us at info@calvaryd.net.